Feb 14, 2017

As I was gearing up to begin writing this post and mulling over the photos of some of the pieces featured below, I was really contemplating the importance of adding some thoughtful customization to your wedding venue space. Sure, it may not be necessary per se, and you can have a beautiful wedding that accomplishes the goal (yay, marriage!), without much personalization—BUT some simple and unique extras can make the difference between a not-so-special wedding, and an “OH MY GOODNESS that was the most magical day ever!” wedding that will have your friends and family talking and fondly reminiscing for years! That’s what you want your guests walking away with—not only with the beautiful privilege of witnessing the beginning of your new life with your new spouse, but also an experience that was completely reminiscent of who you are, with the people who love and know you best saying, “wow, this day is so YOU!”

So scroll on down and check out some of our favorite options and ideas. I hope you are inspired by this post and find some details that really catch your eye and fit perfectly with your wedding day dreams.

#1 Ceremony Benches

Wooden Ceremony Bench Rental  

Now this is a very unique and hard-to-come-by seating possibility. These benches work well for outdoor ceremonies, and are the charming alternative to the classic white folding chairs that nearly all outdoor ceremonies include. These benches will be one of the first things your guests notice at the start of your wedding, and will send the message that this isn’t just the normal run of the mill wedding! 

#2 Floral Hoop 

Floral Hoop RentalFloral Hoop Rental for Sweetheart Table

I looove this whimsical backdrop! This sweet prop can be all decked out by your florist to create the most stunning altar piece, or perhaps stationed behind your sweetheart table to add some extra flair to your reception décor and a perfect background for your sweetheart table photos! This piece definitely has some bohemian inspiration behind it and will probably be unlike anything most people have seen before—an excellent alternative to the traditional arch!

#3 Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors 

Barn Doors

Perhaps you are looking for a creative way to hide an unfortunate eyesore on your ceremony/reception site, or maybe you want to create a grand entrance to keep the bride out of sight before she begins her walk down the aisle, or maybe barns are a nostalgic reminder of your childhood and simply must be incorporated in your big day! Whatever the reason, these sliding barn doors will make a big statement at your wedding, and will offer your guests an interesting backdrop for their group photos and selfies! – have your wedding hashtag ready!

#4 Blush Loveseat

Blush Loveseat Rental

If blush is one of your wedding colors, you may worry that it’s a little too popular, as it seems like 90% of weddings these days incorporate the trendy color somehow (thanks Pinterest!). However, you can avoid the concern of being too trendy by using those little necessities (such as your wedding colors) as more of accents to more personalized pieces such as this gorgeous vintage loveseat. Hint: this would look amazing on a stone patio near your bar area. Guest lounges are becoming popular in the wedding world and offer a living room-type feel to your wedding reception. Add a coffee table, some big chairs, & a glass of wine and your guest will feel right at home!

#5 Satellite Bars

Wooden Bar Rental  

These bar options are so fun and festive! With many outdoor ceremonies and receptions you will sometimes be required to provide your own bar set up. We love the look of the whiskey barrel bar for a self-serve type setup, while the wooden plank-style bar is perfect for bartenders to serve to your guests from. Both have a natural vintage/rustic type look but could be styled to match any wedding theme!

#6 Side Tables

 Corner Shelf Rental

These versatile tables lend themselves to being very customizable to your style and purpose! I love the look they offer for cake or guestbook/gift tables, as guest always pay special attention to those tables as they admire the cake or sign the guestbook. These tables are also great for serving appetizers—all the foodies out there will understand when I say that they would get a very good look at these tables in that case!

#7 Sweetheart Tables

Sweetheart Table Vintage Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart Table Ghost Chairs

Believe it or not, but your sweetheart table will probably be the most noticed and photographed table of all…especially if it’s carefully detailed and tailored to suit your personal taste. Your sweetheart table is an excellent place to go all out on—it’s where everyone’s eyes meander to during dinner, where everyone looks when the glasses start clinking to call for a kiss (or when the best man says something embarrassing in his speech!), and where your photographer will probably spend several minutes capturing the whole setup. The look of these handcrafted tables is perfect if you want something unique and eye-catching for your first meal together as newlyweds! 

#8 Kings Tables

Kings Table Kings Table Rental

These farmhouse-style tables are so dreamy! I can just picture them under some string lights in the coziest family-style seating arrangement ever! What is really special about these tables is that the beauty of the wood is all you need to make a wonderful backdrop for whatever centerpieces you may choose. I personally adore the look of floral/foliage runners with this style; perfect for flower lovers or those who want a more natural look. Hint: this table will be stunning with napkins that will offer a little pop of color to complete the look and add extra dimension to the setup.

#9 Chivari Chairs

Chivari Chair Chair Rental

If your venue does not provide chairs for your reception, or if you would like to upgrade existing “meh” chairs to something a little more memorable, these Chivari chairs will not disappoint! They will instantly add class to any room, and will subtly coordinate with your wedding theme and style. These are a wonderful and easy option if the standard chairs offered by your venue are a color or pattern that you are not a big fan of!

#10 Specialty linens

 Linen Rental 


Most venues will often offer standard white or cream table linens along with your wedding package. However, specialty linens are an easy way to spice up your look by adding both color and texture to your sweetheart, cake, gift, and guest’s tables. Specialty linens make it easy to customize your look, as you can mix different colors and textures on a single table (table clothes, runners, napkins, etc.) and you can choose extra flashy/classy specialty cloths for tables of special interest, such as your sweetheart, gift, or cake table. Hint: check out our “fancy” options on the website to see some fabulous options for your cake or sweetheart table! Also, check out our Instagram feed for some seriously amazing table inspiration.

I hope this post encourages you to begin or continue searching for the perfect details to make your special day truly special and distinctive to who you are. Remember not to stress over these things—this is supposed to be the fun part! As you may be thinking about incorporating some of the ideas listed above, consider the things that will really stand out to your guests and remind them of you, or things that you would appreciate and find interesting or beautiful as a guest at a friend’s wedding! Happy planning!

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