Rental Agreement:

DEPOSITS All agreements require a 33% non-refundable deposit and a signed agreement, along with the credit card information to hold your date and the items listed on the agreement. Orders will not be held or processed until all (3) items have been submitted. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Custom orders may not be reduced or cancelled at any time without the loss of the full rental rate.

BALANCES All balances are to be paid in full 3 days prior to the event date. If balance is being paid with a personal check, the order must be paid in full 3 weeks prior to the event date. All returned checks are subject to a $35 returned check fee. If final payment has not been received 3 days before event date, deposit will be forfeited. No orders will be delivered if there is an unpaid balance and availability of requested items will not be guaranteed.

CANCELLATIONS Once an agreement has been signed and deposit received, the agreement is confirmed. The deposit secures 50% of each item listed, therefore, you may remove an item, and however, the deposit on that item will be forfeited. All orders are to have final quantities confirmed with Main Street Weddings by the customer at least 2 weeks prior to event. Decreases will not be accepted within 1 week of event. All deposits are non-refundable. A cancellation charge will be applied for all custom orders for new rental products if order is cancelled after a confirmation has been sent to Main Street Weddings. The cancellation charge will be a total of 3 times the rental rate on each item.

INSPECTION The renter acknowledges that he/she will personally inspect the rental items, finds them suitable for his/her needs and in good condition, that he/she understands the proper use and agrees to inspect the rental items prior to use and notify Main Street Weddings of any defects, incorrect chair cover/linen size, or incorrect colors within 24 hours of delivery regardless of delivery location.

WARRANTIES There are no warranties of fitness, either expressed or implied. There is no warranty that the rental items are free of any defects. Substitutions may be necessary. Main Street Weddings cannot guarantee color dye lot on all rental items. If the renter refuses any sample chair cover for sizing and fitting purposes, a refund will not be issued. In the event that your rental items could not be delivered due to circumstances beyond Main Street Weddings control (i.e.: weather/power outages/delivery delays) a remedy will be at Main Street Weddings' sole discretion. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that items rented are the proper size (ie: will fit what they are covering) prior to finalization. Sizing issues after delivery date will not be refunded or discounted.

DAMAGE WAIVER Main Street Weddings guarantees rental linens are in top condition, but we understand that accidents can happen during an event. The damage waiver is included with all linen rentals, and for all other rentals, a one-time per order, non-refundable charge to cover the customer against any accidental damage and avoid extra charges. Vandalism, theft, mysterious disappearance or excessive damage is not covered under the damage waiver. 

• Small burn holes in linen
• Spilled glass of wine
• Small drop of wax

• Any item not returned
• Molded linen
• Excessive candle wax on linen

REPLACEMENT CHARGES If any item is not returned, damaged beyond repair, or soiled beyond cleaning, the replacement cost of 3 times the rental rate will be charged in addition to the rental charge. The customer is responsible for all items listed on the agreement at all times. Any loss which occurs at the customer’s facility or while in their possession will be the customer’s responsibility. Once delivery and setup (if applicable) services are complete, the items are the responsibility of the customer. Any issues regarding loss at a facility will be between the customer and the facility.

WAX All candles must be contained. If the item is completely un-cleanable, the item will be declared damaged beyond repair and a replacement charge of 3 times the rental rate will be billed to the customer.

INSTALLATIONS Main Street Weddings provides installation for an additional cost and requires a $500 minimum order. All items and installation times are confirmed with the facility by Main Street Weddings prior to the event date. No extra items will be left at the facility if counts change the day of the event without prior approval from the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to have a representative of their choice on site during installation to verify that the installation items match the counts on their agreement. Otherwise all items installed will be verified and documented by our staff.

DELIVERIES/PICKUPS All customers have the option of either returning their order on the Monday, following a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday event, or having Main Street Weddings pick up the order on the date specified on your agreement, or having Main Street Weddings pick up the order immediately following your event. The delivery and pickup charges are noted on your agreement depending on the type of pickup you prefer. All pickups which are scheduled immediately following the event are subject to additional charges.

PACKAGING Sashes must be untied and separated from the chair covers, and free of any pins, knots, or debris. A $1.00 charge per sash will be charged for all sashes returned not untied or separated from chair covers. NO LAUNDERING REQUIRED. Rented items need to be sent back dry, as to not encourage mold growth. Moldy items will be billed at 3 times the rental rate. Items rented must be packaged securely and ready for pick up the next business day following the event. To avoid permanent damage, do not attempt to launder the items.

CUSTOMER PICKUPS AND RETURNS Each order that is being picked up by a customer will have their order counted and checked for accuracy by a Main Street Weddings employee prior to the order leaving the premises. The customer is required to sign a receipt of rental. The return date is noted on the agreement. Upon the order being returned, a Main Street Weddings employee will check in and count the order. If the customer is unable to wait for the return count, the customer may sign a return waiver which specifies that all counts taken by Main Street Weddings are true and accurate. If the order is not returned on the date specified on the agreement, the waiver will be null and void.

SHIPPING If your order was shipped via UPS, when you are finished with your rental, shake linens free of debris, make sure all linens are dry, then fold un-laundered cloths carefully to fit into the boxes. If hangers were included, please return them. Put the return label on each box or bag. Bring or give the packages to UPS. If preferred, call UPS at 800.PICKUPS (800.742.5877) for a pickup, or when ordering, ask a representative to include a UPS pickup. UPS will charge a nominal pickup fee. Return labels are valuable so don’t lose them. Missing labels must be reported the date boxes are delivered. A $10.00 per label fee is charged to send new labels. Do not return any boxes back COD. Any COD freight charges will be billed back to your account. You are responsible for getting linens to UPS by the next business day after your event. If not, you will be charged additional rental fees. If linens are not returned or sent back damaged, replacement fees will be charged according to the conditions of this agreement.

PROHIBITED USES Use of rental items in the following circumstances is prohibited and constitutes a breach of contract: (a) Improper, and unintended use or misuse. (b) Use by anyone other than the renter. (c) Use at any location other than the addresses furnished by the renter.